Using iFiles for Easy File Transfers


If you have ever wanted to do a quick transfer to your iPad when you cannot, or don't want to, use iTunes, iFiles is a great tool.

iFiles interfaces with popular cloud services like Drop Box and Google Docs. But what I like the most is how easy it is to get files onto my iPad via a wireless connection. The iPad and the computer must be on the same wifi network. I find the ip address for iFiles, type it into a browers on the computer that has the files I want, and a simple window appears in the browser listing the folders in iFiles on my iPad. I can upload, download or delete files between my iPad the computer. File types I have used so far include doc, pdf, mp3, xls, avi, mp4, and various graphic formats such as jpg.

After a file is uploaded, a menu appears if you press and hold on a file name. This presents various options such as open in, send to, copy, move and others. The open in option lets you choose from another menu of apps on your iPad that will open that type of file. For examle, if the file type is doc, and you have Office Pro, you can open the file with Office pro, read and edit, and save within Office Pro.

The same is true for files that are accesible via the cloud services.

I am a musician and often need to use mp3 files for a project. When I don't want to use iTunes, I create a folder in iFiles, get the ip address for iFiles, type into a brower on the computer that has my mp3 files and upload. iFiles includes a music player so mp3 files (and possibly other music formats) can be played within iFiles, including background mode.

There is also a feature to download files from websites. Once you have the ip address of the file to download from Safari, copy the ip address and go to iFiles and tap on the globe symbol in the lower left corner. A brower type window opens. Paste in the url and a menu appears with options including download. Depending on your option settings, it will download to the root folder or ask you for the folder to use.

For me this has solved multiple problems:

  • needing to do a quick transfer without wanting to go thru the time for an iTunes sync

  • wanting a file from a friend's computer or a work computer

  • downloading a document from a website

This has become almost a flash drive solution to copy and transfer files. The more I've used it the more ways I think of how to use it.

Here is info from

Wi-Fi Drive: From your MAC or PC, access files on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Share: Share files with other iPhones or iPod users.

Email:Email single or multiple files as attachments.

View:From PDF, Word, iWorks documents to Pictures and more.

Play:Playback music and video files.

Manage Files:Copy, move, rename, delete, zip and more.

Edit Text: Create and edit text files with auto encoding detection.

Voice Recorder:iFiles has build-in voice recorder.

Configure:iFiles has many configuration options.

Create:Create text files, voice recordings, import/take/record photos/movies.

Search:Search for files in current folder.

Zip Support:Zip and unzip file

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