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• Read the Bible and follow along with a commentary or your own study notes
• Compare two Bible translations side by side that will scroll in sync with one another
• Follow a Bible reading plan
• Take notes and highlights that will sync with the desktop version of Accordance

• Search the Bible for words or verses
• Search the Bible using powerful tags and commands
• Search Greek and Hebrew Bibles (samples included) by lemma, inflected form, or root

• Press and hold when reading to bring up the magnifying glass, then select a word to view Instant Details (definition and/or parsing if available)
• Look up unfamiliar words in Bible dictionaries and lexicons
• Tap on hyperlinked verse references to view the full passage in the Instant Details popover


Strong's Concordance provides an independent check against translations, and offers an opportunity for greater, and more technically accurate understanding of the Bible text.
Want to see it in action before you buy? Try Strong's Concordance Lite which provides a 100% functional demo of Matthew and Genesis.
This program does not require internet access, everything you need is all stored on the iDevice.

* Search for English words, and lookup Greek/Hebrew dictionaries.
* Proper concordance, listing how the word was translated in other bible verses.
* Full King James Text is included
* Click on any blue word for concordance text.
* Night mode for those that like to read at night (White on black)
* iPad support 


This updated edition of Strong's Exhaustive Concordance takes James Strong's monumental work and updates it to be even more useful to the modern reader. It maintains all of the features that have made Strong's indispensable for over 100 years: - Allows the reader to easily find all biblical occurrences of a word in the New American Standard Bible - Points the reader to the underlying Hebrew and Greek words - Uses the Strong's numbering system which is used in many of the new study tools of today.


Top In-App Purchases

  1. New International Version$5.99
  2. English Standard Version$7.99
  3. New King James Version$4.99
  4. New American Standard Bible$4.99
  5. American Standard Bible$0.99
  6. Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible$0.99
  7. John Gill’s Exposition of the Bible$0.99
  8. Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary$0.99
  9. John Wesley’s Explanatory Notes$0.99
  10. Strong’s Concordance with KJV$0.99


The prophetic knowledge of the Bible detailed in picture and words using Charles Larkin's full Bible Charts. Includes full Bible study as well.

As an added bonus it contains 65 Bibles as reference material in over a dozen languages. Thousands of individual Bible-linked commentaries back up your research. 

This powerful Bible reference tool will help you better understand the Christian world. 

iPhone and iPad supported.  


Over 4 million people on 6 continents use ‘The Bible Study App’ to read and study God’s Word! This Bible app is more than just an e-reader, ‘The Bible Study App’ links your Bible reading with outstanding commentaries, maps, and dictionaries for an in-depth study experience. You can take notes, highlight verses, bookmark passages, and sync all of these things between different devices. Install now to explore over 100 free downloadable resources that make ‘The Bible Study App’ a must have. 

This app integrates with Windows versions and MAC versions.

Top In-App Purchases

  1. New International Version (NIV)$9.99
  2. The Message - for Olive Tree$9.99
  3. New King James Version - NKJV$9.99
  4. NIV Study Bible Notes$14.99
  5. Amplified Bible - AMP$15.99
  6. New Living Translation - NLT$9.99
  7. Olive Tree Bible Maps$13.99
  8. ESV Study Bible$28.99
  9. New American Standard Bible - NASB - with Strong's Numbers$27.99
  10. Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words$39.99


Designed for deeper Bible study, join over 4 million users on “The Bible Study App.” Learn from great scholars through thousands of resources including commentaries, maps, and dictionaries all available off-line. If you like to highlight Bible verses, take notes, bookmark passages and have everything sync to all your devices, then this is your Bible Study App.

This version of The Bible Study App includes:
•King James Version (KJV) 
•American Standard Version (ASV) 
•Matthew Henry Concise Commentary 
•Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown Commentary 
•Easton’s Bible Dictionary

•Olive Tree Bible Maps-Study your Bible and use the map in your resource guide to follow your scripture.

Top In-App Purchases

  1. New International Version (NIV)$9.99
  2. The Message - for Olive Tree$9.99
  3. New King James Version - NKJV$9.99
  4. Amplified Bible - AMP$15.99
  5. New Living Translation - NLT$9.99
  6. NIV Study Bible Notes$14.99
  7. ESV Study Bible$28.99
  8. New American Standard Bible - NASB - with Strong's Numbers$27.99
  9. New International Version - NIV 1984$21.99
  10. Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (TSK) - cross references$12.99



Super fast search and navigation. NIV, NKJV, KJV, ESV, NLT, Amplified, The Message and more. Get explanation with free 15-day trial to commentaries, dictionaries and Strong's concordance. Sync all your data to 

eBible App Helps You Engage the Bible More
* Beautifully rendered page-flip simulates real book experience
* Journal notes and search them by keywords
* Highlight an entire verse or on individual words, like a real book
* Layer highlights on top of another including underlining
* Fastest navigation - type 'R' and see all books starting with R.
* Reading plans and devotionals to help you stay engaged
* Sync to the cloud - access all your data on our website ( and other devices
* Study tools - concordances, commentaries and dictionaries (in-app purchase)
* 40+ Bible translations including New International Version (NIV), New King James Version (NKJV), English Standard Version (ESV), New Living Translation (NLT), The Message (MSG), Amplified (AMP), New American Standard Bible (NASB), King James Version (KJV) and more

Now includes over 10,000 answers to questions on the Bible, God and Christianity. See the most commonly asked questions next to verses you're reading. Read answers from our community.  




The Logos Bible app is loaded with over 70 Bible translations and helpful resources—plus access smart tools that let you explore important ideas and make connections across the text. 


The Logos Bible app seamlessly syncs across your devices, you can take your notes and highlights with you anywhere. You can also pick up right where you left off in a resource on any of your devices.


Made by the developers of Logos Bible Software, the Logos Bible app lets you take your Logos library with you wherever you go, making it more accessible than ever.  

Top In-App Purchases

  1. Faithlife Study BibleFree
  2. New International Version (NIV)$9.99
  3. New American Standard Bible, 1995 Update (NASB)$9.99
  4. English Standard Version (ESV)$9.99
  5. New King James Version Bible (NKJV)$9.99
  6. The New Living Translation (NLT)$9.99
  7. The Message$9.99
  8. New Revised Standard Version Bible (NRSV)$9.99
  9. King James Version (KJV)$9.99
  10. Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)$9.99

The Vyrso app puts thousands of titles on your mobile device. Enjoy features like notes, highlighting, and one-touch Bible references—simply tap any Bible reference in your ebook, and the Bible text is presented in your preferred translation.

Logos’ interconnected ecosystem joins all your books, so you can make connections you never saw before. You’ll integrate all your Bible study materials with your leisure and personal reading.

Vyrso has thousands of ebooks to choose from across genres, including Christian living, fiction, politics, ministry, young-adult fiction, and more. Find the books you love on Vyrso!


* One-tap Bible references
* Highlighting
* Notes
* Cross-library search
* Syncs across platforms

* Social share 

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