Sermon Design For Preachers

 Are you a pastor? Do you love using your iPad while you preach? If so, Sermon Design for Preachers is just the app for you. This is the first app of its kind where you can design all aspects of your sermon on your iPad and then use your iPad to help you in the delivery of that sermon.

Sermon Design for Preachers has been designed with the minister in mind. For each sermon, you are able to compose your sermon in the way that fits your particular needs. This app will allow you to design unlimited amount of sermons while at the same time track all dates and locations for where you have preached each sermon. There is ample space for you to compose all aspects of your sermon (the introduction, body, and conclusion as well as points of application and general notes). You also can go from "compose" mode to "preaching" mode so that you have more space for viewing your sermon notes.

Even though this app is primarily made for the iPad, an iPhone / iPod Touch client exists as a part of this universal app so that you can still work on your sermons even when you are away from your iPad. Also, since Sermon Design for Preachers syncs with iCloud, you do not need to worry about loosing any data. All your data is secure, allowing you to focus on the process of sermon preparation and delivery.

Sermon Design for Preachers and, for the first time on an iOS device, you will be able to both design and preach your sermon using just one app.

Features Include: 

- Design unlimited amount of sermons.
- Sort sermons by either title or passage.
- "Swipe to Delete Motion" in order to remove sermons.
- Compose the introduction, body, and conclusion of the sermon.
- Note points of application that come from the text.
- Record any notes for yourself for any sermon.
- Ability to personalize significant aspects of the app.
- Ability to adjust font using any of 18 different fonts.
- Ability to adjust text size from 15 to 30 points.
- Email all or selected parts of your sermon notes.
- iCloud support for all devices.
- Landscape Support on the iPad.
- Intuitive Saving that gives you the peace of mind, knowing that your data is secure.

More features for the app are also in preparation including printing and the incorporation of photos. If you have a request for a new feature, you can easily send an email using the "Contact App Developer" feature contained within the app. Know that all feedback will be viewed by the app's developer and will be much appreciated.

Download Sermon Design for Preachers today and begin to see how easy it is to use your iPad to both design and preach your sermons.

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